Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A day in the life of Mandi..

First off, I hope you like the new look.. My sister thought I needed to change it up.. she changed it for me.. It seems she has gotten bit by the BLOG BUG..she thinks she is so smart when it comes to doing the blogs.

Just so you know, my little Lula seems to be feeling a little better. She is still very weak and it is really sad to see her like this. She no longer has the strength to jump the baby gate.. Seth is so glad that she can no longer do that! Please say a little prayer for her!

Well, we are all heading for Lake Norfork tomorrow. Danny and Eric are leaving early in the morning, so that the camper will be ready for all of us when we get there late tomorrow night. We are all so excited about going! It will be sad with our dad not being there, but I know that he will be there with us in spirit!
I must admit that I am so dreading the bugs. I hate all bugs and can't stand to eat outside amongst all of the critters. Mom and Chas say that I am the PRINCESS, and they are 100% correct! :)

Anyway.. please pray for us to have a safe trip. Pray that it isn't too hard on us being there without our dad.

I will post camping pics when we get back!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Update on my Lula-Belle Ray...

I last posted on Friday, I think! On Saturday, she got really sick.. and I mean really sick.. I tried calling my vet seven different times, and he never answered. So, Sonya, my step-mom, came over and took me and Lula to her vet. He tested her, and sure enough, she had parvo. I had to leave her and my heart was so sad. I knew that I couldn't stand to lose another person that I loved..( and yes, she is a person!!)... Anyhoo, I finally got to bring her home today, with meds of course.. as soon as I got her home, she got really sick again. So sick that I called our pound and was going to have her put to sleep.. BUT, thank God for Ms. Dana.. she came over and gave her some fluids and she was up jumping around. She said that it may take a few days, but Lula would get better. She is laying in her bed and snoring as I type!! lol .. please say a prayer for my Lula-Belle Ray.. :)

We are all going to the lake this weekend. Hopefully it will be a happy time.. things still aren't even close to being back to normal. We are all still heartbroken, but I know that Bob would want us to enjoy ourselves, and I know that he will be there to see the kids roasting their marshmellows, riding their bikes, and he will most definatly be there to watch Seth lay up in the camper all weekend while watching movies and playing play station 2! He gets that from his mother. I am not the outdoors type of girl.. I hate flies and bugs of all kinds. It grosses me out when we have to eat outside! UGGGGGGGGGGGHHHH!!

Anyway.. please keep my family in your prayers :)


Friday, September 19, 2008

Hectic Week

Well, this week has been crazy. I am the den leader for Seth's cub scout pack and I have been trying to plan things for them to do. Last night, after our scout meeting, I realized that Lula-Belle was sick. She didn't eat her dinner and refused to drink. She just layed around and acted as if she didn't have any energy. I knew that she was sick, because she can jump over the child gate that we use to keep her confined to one area. Anyway, she vomited all night, so I took her to the vet this morning, and she has a stomach virus. I had never heard of a dog getting a virus, but now I know! Anyhoo.. she got a shot and two meds and seems to be doing better. Afterall, she did jump the gate and somehow ended up in Seth Tanner's room this afternoon.!!

Danny and Landen went to watch Derek play football tonight. He is playing in McCrory. Seth and I decided to stay at home and take it easy. We went to dinner with Mom, Chas and the girls. We had mexican and it was pretty good!

Anyway.. sorry if I bored you to death.. this is my life and Chas thought that I needed to post. Talk to you soon!


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The funniest thing...

In my last post, I was talking about the boys games. I so forgot to tell you all what happened.

Okay.. imagine this.. Landen's team is all fired up and ready to bust through the "Go Lions" paper banner. As you know, my Landen loves to be the center of attention, and that he was! I turn my head toward the banner, just as soon as I heard the paper start to tear. There was my Landen.. face down, legs and arms spread........... He tripped and Landen flat on his face, and the other players were trying their hardest to avoid leaving cleet marks on his little body. Now... for those of you who know me,,, you know that I have a SICK sense of humor! I laughed so hard that I nearly fell off of the bleachers. I litterally cried!!

Landen wasn't upset at me for laughing.. I think my kids have grown to understand that I just can't help from laughing when someone.. ANYONE.. falls. Hopefully they will forgive me and not hold a grudge! I hope I made you laugh today:)

Monday, September 15, 2008

Autumn Weather

I am too excited about the weather that we had today! Fall is my favorite season.. it just doesn't last long enough for me. I love to sit outside at night and listen to the ball games going on across the field from my house. We can hear the cheers when some child makes a goal or a home run. Why go to the ball field when you can sit in your yard and hear every thing that is going on..!~

Football has taken up a lot of our time lately. I am always running back and forth to practices and games. Danny is off this weekend, so I am handing it all over to him. Derek is playing at McCroy and Landen is playing at Rector. I think they are going to catch a football game at Arkansas State on Saturday afternoon. Seth and I are planning to stay with Nan so that we can just be lazy all weekend! I can hardly wait..

I am still shocked at how fast this year has passed. So many things have happened and have shaped my life forever. My kids and husband are all healthy. The kids are doing so good in school. Up until July 20, my parents were all healthy and happy. And then, my dad, Bobby, came down with pneumonia. He went down really fast. We all thought that he would overcome the disease, but we lost him on August 18th. This past month has been so hard. It still seems unreal.. Every time I go to my mom's, I still expect him to come home. I miss him so much that it hurts. Everything reminds me of him. I go to the cemetery every morning and it about kills me if his flowers aren't hanging the way they should. I am so afraid that someone will steal his flowers or his solar cross. It would break my heart if they did. I know that his soul is with God, but I don't want anyone to disturb his grave. This is a fear that I have to face every day of my life. He once protected me, and now it is my turn. I am sorry if this depresses any of you. I just need to vent.

Please continue to pray for not only my family, but pray for all of the families that have lost someone they love.

I will talk to you all tomorrow!


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lazy Sunday..

I am sorry that I haven't posted. We have been so busy these past few days (months, actually!).

On Friday, Derek had a football game. Eric and Chas went to the game with Danny and I. Our cousin Melissa joined us, so that made our visit even better. I really enjoyed getting to be with my sister! She and Eric are looking for a new home in Manila.. YAY!!! I would love to get to see her every day! Anyway.. Derek's team lost 50 to 0, so that kind of ruined the excitement!

Landen played at Hoxie yesterday. His team lost too! Must be something in the air, huh?

Of course, Seth stayed with Nan on Friday and Saturday. He would rather take a beating than go to a football game. He just isn't interested at all. He is more interested in Cub Scouts. His next meeting is Tuesday night and he is TOO excited! Also, Danny and I are signing him up for golf lessons. I was trying to convince him that he would love golf, so I said to him, " Seth, you could be the next Tiger Woods!!". He looks at me and says, " Who was the first one????". I about passed out from laughing so hard at him! I just love my boys and don't know what I would do without any of them!

Anyway.. please keep my family in your prayers. Losing our dad was so hard and it seems we will never get over it. We miss him so much!

Love to all,

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hello to all.

Thanks for viewing my blog! I am fairly new at this, so please ignore any mistakes that I may make.

I am starting this blog so that I can connect with other stay-at-home mothers. After the kids are off to school, I do find myself being a little lonely. Maybe this way, I can keep myself a little busy!

I am hoping to share a little bit of my every day life with you all. I intend on showing off my family, including the newest addition to our family, Lula-Belle Ray Stutts ( our Yorkie).

I hope that you enjoy my page!